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We are Formerly Feral Games

The beginning

Formerly Feral Games is a Seattle-based game design company with an almost entirely queer staff (sorry, Jeff!). The games we produce and the games we play are ones of extensive genders, skin colors, and identities. They are games of inclusivity and respect. If you find anything in those concepts to be inherently troublesome, then we maybe don’t make games for you. If you find value in those concepts, welcome to our table with over


Collective Years of TTRPG Experience

Our Vision

At our core, we are Storytellers. We strive to create a place of inclusivity where gamers can truly express every part of themselves. We value safety at the table and within the worlds we build. We want joy to be present every time you sit at the table.

Our Mission

We build worlds that empower gamers to ignite their imagination.

Our Team

Of Formerly Feral Folks

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